What is Apologetics? Please read "Do I Need Apologetics?"

Four-fold purpose of Why Jesus

  • To inspire and educate Christians in Calgary to show that Traditional Christianity is intellectually reasonable and plausible.
  • To network with Apologists in local churches and other ministries who will act as a resource for Apologetic expertise in their ministry.
  • To prepare Apologists within our network for their role through personal study and interaction with others.
  • To directly respond to those who seek to disprove, undermine or redefine Traditional Christianity.

What this looks like, practically

A friend of a Why Jesus member was once asked, "is there any evidence for the Exodus in the desert between Egypt and Palestine?" A fair question. This Why Jesus member was not familiar with that subject, so the question was passed on to the larger group. Several answers were provided, including references to scholarly books written by experts on the subject. This sample exchange highlights one facet of our mission; equipping Christians through the expertise of multiple other Christians.

One key goal of Why Jesus is to raise up lay-Apologists within the church through the gradual and informal process of meeting and studying together. As well as providing resources to those who have challenging questions, Why Jesus would like to educate other Christians to be able to provide those resources themselves. Imagine if every church in Calgary had one or more lay-Apologists who could address challenges to the faith by drawing on their own studies, or by tapping into the vast resources of other Apologists via email and face-to-face interactions. That is our vision in a nutshell.

What Why Jesus can do for you

I'm a lay-Christian

Join us (see why below)! We don't bite and we'd be happy to help you give your mind a workout.

If you're reluctant to get directly involved, don't worry. Just know that we're here and we'd be happy to help you engage in the challenges to your faith when you face them. And you will face them eventually.

Whether you get involved or not, please read "Do I Need Apologetics?" Feel free to ask us for recommended books, DVDs or websites. Perhaps you'd be interested in a course or small group study on the subject. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming debates and presentations. Maybe we could just go for coffee.

I'm a church leader

First of all; we're not trying to pack more commitments into your busy schedule and we don't want money. You are welcome to join our group (scroll down for some reasons why), but we understand that it is more practical to work with lay-Christians. We would rather see tens of thousands of Christians in Calgary go out and intelligently advocate for Jesus than limit Apologetics to "the experts."

We would like to provide a resource for you. People have questions and we work hard to find the answers. It is important for you to be able to provide some answers in order to demonstrate the credibility of Christianity, but it is even more important that average believers learn the art of finding the answers for themselves, and to be comfortable spreading those answers to those around them.

To that end, we are trying to come up with material for courses or small groups. We can also connect you with Apologists to address specific issues on Sunday morning sermons, life groups, Sunday School clases, etc.

We do have one request that we'd like to make; allow us to "advertise" in your sphere of influence. Perhaps a link on your website. Maybe a poster on your communal bulletin board. Could we come by on a Sunday morning and give a 5-10 minute introduction to our group?

I'm a scholar

We really hope you'll join us! You have much to offer the Church at large and we provide an avenue to spread your learning. There are many ways that you can help us raise the intellectual bar in the Christian Church today. Furthermore, you'll get opportunities to interact with other scholars from other disciplines in order to broaden your own understanding. Please talk to us about ways to get involved.

Why join?

Almost every Christian has experienced a challenge to their faith, and we need to be equipped to provide at least a basic answer to the most common objections. While a basic understanding should be within the grasp of every Christian, some people want more. Maybe you are one of those people. You feel compelled to learn as much as you can about the history of the Bible. You yearn to study the Watchtower Society in depth. You want to know more about Islam, but you don't know where to begin.

Why Jesus exists to help bring the scholarly resources to the average Christian. We point you to the right books, DVDs, websites, podcasts AND LOCAL CALGARIANS, to help you deepen your understanding so you feel prepared for these kinds of conversations. How do we do this?

  • We will advertise regular meetings that provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with other local Apologists, as well as some training through audio recordings, DVDs, live presentations and so on.
  • We have an email distribution list that allows you to dialogue with other Calgarians on these issues between meetings.
  • We will advertise local events and resources that are intended to help Christians understand, articulate and defend their views.

Please contact Why Jesus admin if you have any questions, would like to join our network, or would like to discuss ways that your church could interact with members of our network.